Multilevel Model Results Predicting Essay Composing Quality with Two Various Scoring Practices for Morphological Experience Multilevel model outcomes dining dining dining Table 3 shows our multilevel model outcomes for each one of the two analyses (in Model 1, the morphological ability rating had been predicated on totally proper spelling, plus in Model 2, the rating ended up being predicated on phonologically correct spelling). Fixed Effects Model 1: Entirely Proper Spelling Scoring of Morph. Ability Model 2: Phonologically Correct Spelling Scoring of Morph. Ability Coeff (SE) t Coeff (SE) t Adjusted Mean Essay Writing Qual. 9.88 (0.45) 22.06 *** 9.87 (0.45) 22.14 *** Classroom Grade Level (Grade) 0.42 (0.46) 0.91 0.43 (0.45) 0.95 Reading Comprehension (RC) [...]